Projects, lesson plans, storytelling resources and tutorials just for you. StoryMaker is a powerful learning platform developed by PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs to build the next generation of media creators.


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Project-based, student-centered online curriculum.


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Personalized Dashboard

Save your favorite project, lesson plan or other resource to your personalized dashboard in just a few clicks. Your dashboard calendar makes it easy to keep track of upcoming project deadlines, webinars and workshops.


Media Making Challenges

Inspire students to apply their story-making skills with our Challenges. These timely media making opportunities empower students to contribute their perspective to important national conversations.


Educator Community

StoryMaker supports a community of educators from across the country leading students to produce stories and find their voice. Use the directory to find and connect with like-minded educators and mentors to help you figure out the best path to success.


Storytelling Lesson Plans

Focused on understanding digital journalism, media making, audio and video production. Our standards-based curriculum resources develop communication skills, critical thinking, teamwork, and other key skills for the future.


Why StoryMaker?

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Journalism teachers can be their own island. StoryMaker connects us to resources, lessons and each other. The content on the site saves us the time and anguish of building our lessons all alone!
Bernadine Judson
Etiwanda High School
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​​StoryMaker is just the tool we need as educators to help our students navigate the world of media and storytelling. This generation is ready to have their voices heard, and StoryMaker is the perfect resource to amplify their voices and help shape the narrative of what is happening in our country today.
Kolinda Scialabba
Gwinnett County Public Schools
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Producing video stories makes students proficient in technology and critical thinking skill sets, but it also builds capacity for tackling complex text and projects, encourages the 'figuring out' mindset and makes the scholar own their learning.
Neena Kumar
Legacy Early College High School

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