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Project | 2-3 Weeks

Moments of Truth: have you tried to quit social media?



Moments of Truth is a digital series exploring the ways young people are grappling with online misinformation, disinformation, conspiracy theories, cyberbullying and hate speech, and how communities are coming together to support truth, quality news and information, and healthier online discourse.

Student Reporting Labs wants to hear your story for a future Moments of Truth episode! Have you or your friends ever tried to quit social media?

An upcoming episode of SRL’s Moments of Truth series will feature a conversation among teenagers who are concerned about their level of social media use.

This conversation will be supplemented with day-in-the-life videos of these young people trying to quit social media or change the way they interact with technology. If you are a teenager with experience trying to change how you use social media, please tell us your story using this form.


Watch Moments of Truth first and think about how you'd like to tell your story. Use this form to submit your information. If your story is selected, SRL staff will work with you directly, to help you produce it and publish it.


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2-3 Weeks