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Project | 2-3 Weeks

Seeking pitches for Moments of Truth



Moments of Truth is a digital series exploring the ways young people are grappling with online misinformation, disinformation, conspiracy theories, cyberbullying and hate speech, and how communities are coming together to support truth, quality news and information, and healthier online discourse.

Student Reporting Labs wants to hear your story idea for a future Moments of Truth episode!

Potential stories could include conversational interviews, video packages, and explainer-style stories, produced by student journalists and SRL staff. The stories will highlight examples of how young people are dealing with the positive and negative aspects of digital spaces.

Examples of potential topics:

  • disinformation, misinformation, conspiracy theories
  • artificial intelligence
  • the design of online spaces, and how it influences youth behavior
  • how digital communities affect young people
  • young people working to create positive online platforms/communities
  • how online discourse connects to youth voting and election-related/political issues


Watch Moments of Truth then brainstorm your own ideas for a new episode.

Once you have selected a topic, start doing research and reaching out to potential sources. Review Student Reporting Labs’ tips for writing a great pitch, and send us a pitch using this form. If your story is selected, SRL staff will work with you directly, to help you produce it and publish it.


Active Prompts


Estimated Time

2-3 Weeks