StoryMaker Research Consent

Research Consent

StoryMaker is a powerful learning platform developed by PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs to build the next generation of media creators. The development of this Platform is being funded in part by the National Science Foundation as a research project. Additional research partners include Knology and TERC who are studying interactions between educators as peer groups and how forming communities of educators can best serve each other. As part of this study, we will be recording and collecting all anonymized digital activity—including each click a user makes within the Platform, downloads and navigation through the menu of offline materials, and at what point an educator decides to contact another educator through the directory.

In order to access specific areas of the StoryMaker Platform, educators will need to register on or log onto the Platform. By registering for or logging onto the Platform, you agree to be a participant in this study, subject to the following terms:

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Research-specific questions should be directed to John Voiklis,